Range of services


PMT4 stands for

strategy and technology consulting, providing a broad range of services starting with industrial design stage up to industrial operation and organization

Basic Engineering, Detail design and Technical specs for lines and individual equipment

These are our main support activity in the phase of project design and negotiation. The biggest challenge is to be able to maximize the output of the integration of process equipment, which in some cases are supplied by various manufacturers not just one, in order to achieve customer expectation in terms of operational output and quality, but also in terms of implementation and operational cost and time.

Assistance on site

Our core business, due to our experience in Metallurgical field, mainly in seamless steel manufacturing, is to assist our customer in all the following stages where a strong experienced team is decisive for a good start-up of the company:

  • Supervision and management of Erection and commissioning
  • Management of setting parameters and tests (cold, hot and performance tests)
  • First 2-3 years of operation (including operation management) to achieve design parameters
  • Qualifications to the main customers including API
  • Prepare working instructions, procedures and manuals
  • Improve the Plant performances (Quality, Yield, Transformation cost)

Assistance to the manufacturing and in-house tests

Assistance to the manufacturing and in-house tests is an important part of the projects implementation because the design capacities have to be proven and tested according with the agreed terms of the contracts signed with the equipment suppliers.

Elaboration of organizational charts

We Implement new organizational charts for green-field or brown field projects. We provide assistance in the transitional process from the old to the new structure including juridical assistance through our specialized partners in Labour Law and Labour Code.

Job descriptions

Job descriptions according to the very specific of the organizations

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection for all organizational levels. The experience acquired in the metallurgical manufacturing process throughout many recruitment processes for companies, recommends us as being very efficient in this specific industrial field.

Defining key-jobs and key-people

Career and succession plans.

Jobs grading using objective methods that are valid and agreed by international companies (Mercer, Hay, PWC, etc.).

Training sessions

according to the client’s needs:

  • Theoretical Training module
  • On Site Training module

We designed more than 100 different technical courses for supervisors

  • White Collars - and as well for operators and technicians
  • Blue Collars - (i.e. steel manufacturing process for all stages and equipment, quality assurance line, mechanical and electrical maintenance, hydraulics, etc.)

Support in marketing and sales